About our platform
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NapoleonX in short

Humans Cannot Compete
The biggest advantage of algotrading is the ability to remove human emotion from the markets
Massive Computing Power
The best asset managers will be tech companies. Terabytes of new information are prepared and analyzed progressively every day
AI is the Future of Investing
NapoleonX is using big data to enhance profits; it's based on machine learning and always improved by Artificial Intelligence.

A Specific Technology
A digital platform providing trading signals and automated execution through trading bots
Performing Trading Bots
More than 10 years of R&D to design more than 20 performing trading strategies (check our Blackpaper)
French Regulated Entity
Napoleon Asset Manager is regulated in France, registered under number GP-19000015 and authorized to manage professional investment funds.

Our funds allows investors to access to an underlying basket of assets. Our approach to investment is characterized by the expertise of our team of data scientists and engineers.